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For me, it all started with a dream… When I was very young, I dreamed I was a Fairie with beautiful butterfly wings, playing a Harp & Singing. I dreamed it often, and I always knew that I would play the Harp someday. I used to pretend I was the Singing Harp from Jack and the Beanstalk. 

I began playing the Piano at age 6, and I like to say that I’m a survivor of a strict classical piano childhood. I had a very strict and old school piano teacher, but she also taught me well. 

I finally took up the Harp when I was 19. In those days, I had no idea that I would actually get to make a living doing this. I just wanted to play, so I practiced everyday. Dare to Dream!

Would you like to learn to play the Piano or Harp? My teaching studio, Ms Terri’s Academy of Musical Awesomeness,                 is located in Maplewood, Mo. 

As a teacherI feel it is important for students to enjoy playing, and I make extra effort to create a safe and nurturing environment, where talents can unfold & the joy of musical expression can be experienced, at any level. I also offer special projects, such as my recent challenge for each student to learn a piece of music, and then work with me to create a video recording. Here are our results

My motto: They call it Playing Music because it’s suppose to be fun!

All of my students learn good technique, improvisation skills, music theory, interpretation, and more. I want them to love playing music from their hearts.  I offer the following services, for students ages 5 and up, from beginners to advanced, and I tailor lessons to the individual and their interests.

Harp Lessons - All of my harp students begin with my self-created harp method, and then move on to explore a variety of styles as we work our way through the levels of ability. Younger students, ages 4- 6, begin with my Harp Primer level materials, which include singing, playing both Harp & percussion, coloring, storytelling, and lots of laughter. 

And for those who don’t live nearby, I offer lessons on Facetime or Skype. I also offer Harp lessons at University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL),  and at Maryville University through their Music Therapy Program. 

Piano Lessons - I have a few favorite piano method series that I like, and I use those as a starting point for all students, varying the method I choose to accomodate the individual student. From there, we branch off into various styles, based on their interests.

Music Explorers  - this course is for anybody at any age, who would like to experience the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, improvisation, listening, etc). As we explore these elements, we will also explore a variety of instruments, including percussion, voice, piano, harp, and other fun things. The purpose of this course is to prepare the individual for private music lessons by helping them to develop a base of knowledge that can be applied to any instrument, and to help them to develop a sense of confidence and love of playing music as well. This course is available as individual lessons, or in a small group setting. 

Young Music Explorers - this is a Primer level version of the same material, adapted for younger students, ages 4 - 6. It includes singing, storytelling, movement, percussion, piano, harp, some coloring, and all the elements of music, at an easy going pace.  The purpose of this course is to prepare the individual for private music lessons by helping them to develop a base of knowledge that can be applied to any instrument, and to help them to develop a sense of confidence and love of playing music as well. 

Baby Jamarama - This is a free-form Music Party for 0 - 5 year olds. It is not an instructional or overly organized class, but rather an opportunity for young children & their caregivers to relax & experience the joy of music through singing, dancing, & playing instruments, with lots of smiles and laughter.

Each month I will create a one hour setlist that includes a variety of tempos, instrumentation, and styles of music. I will also provide a variety of instruments that are perfect for younger players, and I will offer some suggested activities as well, but there will always be room for self-expression & improvisation.The purpose of this group is to foster a love of music, encourage personal expression & confidence, and to provide a nurturing social atmosphere for young children and their parents, with access to instruments they may not have at home, and encouragement to enjoy all aspects of the musical experience.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in lessons! 

I love my students. I love watching them grow! Below you’ll find a few excerpts from thank you notes they have given to me over the years, along with notes from a few parents of students as well. 

“Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs, but you’ve stuck with me through them all. You have always had open arms, even when I didn’t want to play the harp. I thank you for your unlimited support and performance opportunities. You have Shown me what the love of the harp looks like, and even let me experieioence it myself by letting me take the harp home over the summer and weekends. You have taught me  how to be persistent and a hard worker, and I plan to continue throughout my harp years. I will keep in touch and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” 

“Thank you for influencing my daughter’s harp life. She intends to go to college to further her love of the harp. Keep doing what  you do, because you do touch lives. She says she wants to start her own studio.”

“You are the best teacher I could ever imagine - laid back, easy going, and fun, but still incredibly knowledgable and talented. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all you’ve done.”

“Words cannot express our appreciation for the love and lessons you’ve give. You are an inspiration to all of us. On days that we would come for lessons tired or (every once in awhile) crabby, we would leave feeling refreshed and happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Thank you for understanding last week that I needed a friend and a cup of tea much more than I needed a harp lesson at that time. I felt much better after my time with you. I’ll call in a few days and set up a time to get together. Thank you for your friendship.”

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher for me these past 10 years! You’re always so easy going, and even when I had my doubts about continuing the harp, you kept finding ways to make it all fun again. You’re so talented, and I am so thankful to have had you teach me. I’m looking forward to wow-ing you with my college skills in a couple months!"

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